Sclerotherapy is used to treat spider veins and varicose veins. Many patients prefer this treatment because it’s minimally invasive.

It is a safe, effective treatment option for patients who have spider veins and varicose veins. If you’re in the Chicago area and considering this treatment, Dr. Rosen will personally assess your individual needs and help you decide the best treatment option for you.

How Sclerotherapy Works

During the procedure, a safe and effective chemical called a sclerosant is delicately and comfortably injected directly into the target vein.

The goal of the chemical agent is to cause the vein to close and start to permanently seal off over time. Results are not instantaneous: sclerotherapy convinces the body to use its natural healing mechanisms to gradually make these annoying, non-essential veins fade away over time. Just like it takes a while for any wound to heal, it takes weeks and sometimes months for patients to see the ultimate improvements.

The Recovery Process

When the treatment session is finished, compression stockings are placed on the treated leg(s). You’ll need to wear the stockings immediately after the procedure. To achieve optimal results, patients often need to undergo more than one sclerotherapy treatment session. There is no downtime: you can resume most routine activities immediately after your treatment session.

How Many Treatments Are Needed?

Since everyone is different, the total number of treatments that you’ll need depends on several factors. The size, number and depth of the veins will be taken into consideration. Dr. Rosen will be happy to discuss your individual needs during your hour-long consultation.

Why Consider This Therapy?

If you’re looking for a proven, minimally-invasive, maximally-comfortable treatment, sclerotherapy has been shown to be effective. Since it is a process that requires time for your body to heal, you need to consider starting treatment months in advance. NOW is the perfect time to call and schedule your consultation appointment with Dr. Rosen.

Finding the Right Chicago Vein Doctor

Dr. Rosen is a board certified vein specialist who spends as much time with his patients as possible so that he can have a thorough understanding of their particular needs. In addition, Dr. Rosen spends as much time as is necessary to explain the causes of vein disease and the safe, effective and affordable treatment options that are available. Many patients are surprised to learn that many treatments may be covered by insurance/Medicare. For those without insurance, no worries: we participate with Care Credit® and payment plans can be arranged.

If you’re looking for a vein clinic in the Chicago area, contact Rosen Vein Care at 847-272-8346 today to schedule your initial consultation appointment.