If you’re one of the 35% of adults who have varicose veins, chances are you want them removed to improve your appearance. But there’s also an essential medical reason to treat varicose veins, as they can lead to pain, swelling, and other complications. As a vein specialist, David Rosen, MD, at Rosen Vein Care in Chicago, Illinois, offers several varicose vein treatment options that produce exceptional results and permanently eliminate your unsightly veins. To learn about your treatment options, call or schedule an appointment online today.

Venous disease represents one of the most common medical problems. It often involves painful, bulging unsightly blue veins on the legs. Unfortunately, these problems won’t get better without treatment. Before searching for a Chicago vein clinic, let’s take a look at the two most common forms of superficial vein disease: spider veins and varicose veins.

What are Spider Veins?

When you see dilated veins near the surface of the skin that resemble a spider’s web, those are spider veins. An excess of pressure pressing against the vein walls stretches them out over time. They tend to be small but can often cluster together over a large area of skin.

What are Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are larger veins that often have a rope-like appearance. Blood no longer streams in its normal upward direction. Instead, blood pools inside the vein. This leads to veins getting stretched out over time. If ignored for too long of a time, these veins can become quite large and twisty. Occasionally, these veins can lead to significant bleeding or blood clots.

Talk to a Vein Doctor Who Cares About You

While superficial vein disease is often thought of as an “aesthetic” or “cosmetic” problem, the reality for many patients is that varicose and spider veins cause discomfort…both physical and emotional. For that reason, you want to find a vein specialist who prides himself on providing expert care in the Chicago and North Shore area, a doctor who is sensitive in dealing with both the medical and aesthetic concerns of patients.

At Rosen Vein Care, Dr. Rosen provides the ideal patient experience by personally spending an hour with each new patient. He makes sure that he understands his patients’ concerns to ensure that they are comfortable. Using his vast experience and knowledge, he will be happy to assess your needs before drafting an effective treatment plan. Watch this video and learn more about the Rosen Vein Care Difference.

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