In the North Suburbs of Chicago, there are two types of people: cat people & dog people. I guess I always considered myself a dog person, now I know why that was a sensible decision. Not to alienate the cat people, but I once read a story originating from Brookfield, IL regarding a 77 year-old-woman who was “standing by the doorway minding her own business”…my quotes…because that phrase is classic in the world of trauma. Anyone “standing around minding their own business” is about to be shot, stabbed, beaten or, as in this case…

…when the woman’s cat, Lizzy, attacked her without provocation. In the process there was a scuffle and Lizzy apparently dug her claws and teeth into the poor woman’s leg. On an ordinary leg this would be a nuisance that may or may not require a tetanus shot and antibiotics. In this case, Lizzy clawed her way into the woman’s varicose vein and caused significant bleeding.

Yeah, right back at ya’, Lizzy!

To call a bleeding varicosity “significant” doesn’t do justice to the drama of the situation. A bleeding varicosity looks like a horror show. I have seen blood arc across a room. It is, as my brother Rob…general surgeon extraordinaire….would call “audible bleeding”. It sounds like “foosh!”

If only I could have seen this poor woman in consultation prior to this episode, taken care of her likely significant superficial venous insufficiency and eliminated the varicosity…I could have saved her from a bloody mess, a trip to the ER and a place in the pantheon of urban legends.

If you have varicose veins and a cat…clearly you are sitting on a ticking time bomb [ok, maybe a bit dramatic]. If just the varicosities and no cat…it doesn’t obviate the need to deal with your chronic venous disease…because, in truth, significant varicosities can lead to bleeding, thrombophlebitis and even deep vein clots…in the absence of latently vicious housepets.

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I find myself saying, many times a day, that vein disease is not cosmetic…it’s medical. Inasmuch as you brush your teeth because medically it makes good sense…but as an added bonus your smile looks fantastic…think of vein disease the same way.

Unlike some things such as cellulite…where you can die with it but not from it…it is quite possible, as that cat owner could have found out…that you can, in fact, die from vein disease. Not to send you into a panic…for there is no need…I’m just trying to hammer home the point that there are sound medical reasons for coming to my clinic.

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