If you have recently gone through a sclerotherapy procedure, you might be wondering about the best after-care practices. Commonly, support stockings are the first recommendation doctors make. So, let’s learn about them and why they are useful after sclerotherapy treatment.

Why Wear Compression Stockings?

Besides exercise, compression is needed to keep the blood out of the treated vessel. For that reason, doctors recommend using support stockings, usually for two weeks. You should wear the correct weight, pressure, and length of stockings. So, make sure you use the one prescribed by your doctor.

When To Use Support Stockings?

It’s advised to use support stockings regularly, except when bathing. This means you can use them while sleeping. In this case, change them to a fresh pair after waking up. Sometimes a couple of hours break is necessary, mainly to prevent skin irritation.

Remember that the veins’ size and how many were treated determine how long you should wear compression stockings. Therefore, ask your doctor all the necessary questions, as they are the best to guide you in the recovery process.

Which Compression Stocking Should I Use?

As mentioned above, use the ones prescribed by your doctor. Do not buy compression stockings online or at the mall. You don’t know the real quality of these stockings, and also, correct fitting is required.

When your doctor prescribes support stockings, he or she specifies the pressure rating. This is a key factor to improve your circulation and prevent blood flow in the injected vein.

Sclerotherapy Treatment Matters

1 in 3 Americans over the age of 45 have experienced a vein disease, and sometimes they don’t even realize it. For this reason, you need to be aware of the following signs:
– Restless legs
– Swollen ankles
– Skin discoloration
– Cramps at night

If you have noticed any of these signs and are interested in sclerotherapy procedures or follow-up treatments, get in touch with Rosen Vein Care. We’re devoted to providing the highest quality care and improving your quality of life with our minimally invasive treatment.