Whatever your political ilk or inclination,you gotta give props when they are deserved, to those aspects of government “of the people” and “by the people” that actually work “for the people”. This is true in the case of insurance coverage for vein treatment by Medicare.

First…contrary to most people’s thoughts…and by people, I include most physicians in practice today…varicose veins are a MEDICAL PROBLEM. It’s not cosmetic.

cosmetic problem is when someone tries to put on lipstick while driving and rear-ends your car.

All medical problems require appropriate, comprehensive and lasting treatment when such means exist. In terms of chronic vein disease, compression stockings are helpful adjuncts but not a treatment.
Appropriate treatment for superficial venous insufficiency should include, when amenable, endovenous ablation (be it thermal or chemical).

Medicare actually get’s it…MEDICARE COVERS ENDOVENOUS THERMAL ABLATION of incompetent superficial veins AND subsequent SCLEROTHERAPY.

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