I pride myself on the fact that Rosen Vein Care offers treatments that are state-of-the-art. Treatments such as Clarivein® that few docs in the area, if not the country have much experience with.

But…I’m kind of a perfectionist by nature…not a bad quality for someone you are entrusting to provide varicose and spider vein treatments…and so I want every aspect of my practice to be state-of-the-art: including my Vein Blog.

Look…admittedly I’m kinda nerdy…at 45 I embrace that…and going places where “no [vein doc] has gone before”, in true Star Trek fashion…is an enterprise (pun intended) that I love to undertake. And…I’m a pretty ambitious nerd at that.

Right now, I’m excited to include you in on something that, to my knowledge, has never been done before. I’m going to turn this blog post into a book of sorts. I don’t even think there’s a word to describe it, so we’ll have to make one up: “Blook”?….”Blovella”?….”Blort Story”?…I dunno. But whatever it is, you’re seeing it here first at Rosen Vein Care.

As a kid, I was a pretty voracious reader. I wasn’t exactly Roald Dahl’s Matilda, but there was a time where I was practically inhaling books from a particular series called Choose Your Own Adventures.

There was something wondrous and magical about at once being transported to another place and time through the power of storytelling…while at the same time retaining control, ostensibly, about the direction the story would take.

If you never experienced those books, here’s how they work: at the end of each page, the reader gets to choose where…literally to what page…the story progresses to next. It’s a perfect simulacrum of life: we are all on this moving walkway of time….and whether we take steps or passively stand there, we eventually reach a crossroad and must choose where to go and what to do next.

Either way, there are consequences to each choice we make. Some positive, others not so much.

Here’s a chance for you to experience such an adventure as it relates to chronic varicose & spider veins…and the underlying venous flow issues that often contribute to them.

People like you, or those you know and love, suffering for years from chronic varicose & spider veins, face the choice of whether to ignore the sometimes subtle, often glaring, symptoms and signs of vein disease…or instead take the first step on a new adventure. An adventure that, for many, leads to profound improvement in how their legs feel and look.

Ready? Ok then…lets go!

Choose Your Own adVEINture

Book 1: Your Code Name Is “Evla”

It is a stormy, but not particulaly dark, night. The full October moon casts its cold light…darting between ominous clouds…upon the timeworn cobblestones of Prague’s Old Town Square. The first frost of 1982 begins to opacify the windshields of the rusty, moldering 60’s-era Russian Ladas parked…

pre-abandoned is more like it…in the alleyway where you stand.

You raise the collar of your Burberry trench coat to block the sleet whipping past the brim of your fedora and onto your tense neck. You’ve been waiting, still and patiently, for the past 3 hours to meet your contact: an insider with the latest intel on the movement of Baltic Fleet nuclear subs to and from their headquarters at Kaliningrad.

The longer you stand, the more you notice a sense of heaviness in your legs. Yes, it’s late and you’re tired, but your legs feel like they have lead weights on them.

You chuckle to yourself, “Better than wearing REAL leg weights at the bottom of the Vlatava River! Better stay focused before someone spots you.”

Just then, a taxi pulls up in front of the alleyway and flashes its lights 3 times quickly. You re-engage the safety on the pistol in your coat pocket. You ignite your zippo lighter and pass your hand in front of it twice to signal your presence to the taxi. Hurriedly, your contact opens the rear passenger window and tosses a small package towards you.

Mission accomplished. The sigh you breathe escapes your lips in smoky whorls in the crisp night air. You rub your legs: it’s gonna be a long walk back to the safehouse.

You decide to immediately see a doctor about that nagging leg discomfort when you return to Washington. To begin the adVEINture, call today!