Where is my hoverboard?! Where is my garbage-powered flying car?!

These are the questions we are all asking today, October 21st 2015…which you may not know, is Back To The Future Day….the day that Marty McFly was transported to in Back To The Future 2.

We may not be wearing cool, shiny, silver jumpsuits and irridescent glasses…but compared to 1985…with respect to vein disease…this IS the future we were hoping for.

In 1985, vein stripping, an invasive operation to remove faulty superficial veins, was the only option.

In 2015, all the procedures that I do are:

  • non-surgical
  • convenient: there is no down time
  • outpatient: you can drive yourself to/from your appointments
  • comfortable: performed with little or no local anesthetic; no sedation is required
  • affordable: many may be coverable by insurance/Medicare

Click HERE to Visit my website, or come visit me at my clinic…conveniently located in the North Shore area of Chicagoland suburbs… to learn more about procedures such as Endovenous Laser Ablation and Clarivein®.

In terms of varicose vein treatments and spider vein treatments, the future is here!

See you soon!