What is VenaSeal® Vein Treatment?

VenaSeal® is an effective treatment for chronic superficial venous insufficiency, the underlying cause of many varicose veins. VenaSeal® uses a state-of-the-art medical glue to seal those veins that have improper blood flow. It has been approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and is a safe, minimally-invasive procedure. The varicose vein treatment involves the insertion of a small catheter into the affected vein. A small amount of the VenaSeal® Medical Glue is then gradually released into the vein under ultrasound guidance. The glue causes the vein to close, and the blood to be instantly rerouted through healthier veins. Patients can return to their daily activities after the treatment. When you visit Dr. Rosen, a board-certified vein specialist, feel free to ask more about VenaSeal®. In fact, over an hour of time is reserved for your initial consultation with Dr. Rosen, so you can ask as many questions as you like! Varicose veins in the legs are typically caused by blood that is not moving properly back to the heart. Instead of moving upwards in a one-way direction, the blood pools in the veins under the force of gravity. When you have a VenaSeal® procedure, you may expect: Dr. Rosen may take an ultrasound to map out the affected vein A local anesthetic may be applied to a small area of your lower leg Using a special applicator, the medical glue is inserted into the vein through a specialized IV catheter There is no down time: you will be encouraged to walk after the procedure and can resume work and most other normal daily activities immediately. Dr. Rosen advises keeping active every day to help maintain good circulation. It is not recommended to stand for long periods, so if you have a job that requires it, make sure you find some time to “take a load off.” Sit during your breaks. If your varicose veins are affecting you physically or emotionally, Rosen Vein Care has treatment options available. Our goal is to empower you with knowledge to be able to make the best, informed decisions for your treatment. Our vein clinic […]

Advantages of VenaSeal® Vein Treatment

Varicose veins affect millions of Americans. This common manifestation of venous disease can lead to decreased confidence, discomfort, pain and other unwanted side effects. The cause of varicose veins can typically be traced back to an inherited disposition to developing them (which is why they are common in men and women) as well as pregnancies (which is why they are more common in women). Ultimately the underlying problem relates to improper, wrong-way flow within superficial veins that have malfunctioning valves. This improper flow allows blood to pool within stretchy veins and ultimately cause veins to bulge on the surface of the skin (varicose veins). VenaSeal® represents a new way to treat improper flow in veins that can lead to varicose veins. It differs from other treatments in the unique way it polymerizes within the vein, which in turn provides a reliable way to treat large varicose veins. How Does VenaSeal® Work? The first step to understanding the benefits of VenaSeal® is to understand how this procedure works. It utilizes a special polymer (medical glue) that causes the vein walls to permanently stick together. This polymer effectively seals the vein shut. This forces the blood to find an alternate route instead of pooling within the leg. The Advantages of VenaSeal® for Treating Varicose Veins The unique nature of  VenaSeal® treatments afford it a few unique advantages. These advantages include: • No need to use heat to seal incompetent veins. The use of heat with traditional endovenous laser ablation or radiofrequency ablation requires the use of extra local anesthetic; it’s the placement of local anesthetic that causes discomfort during these procedures. Non-heat treatments such as VenaSeal® require minimal local anesthetic. • Lasting success – VenaSeal® has been shown to have similar efficacy as endovenous thermal ablation. • Quick treatments – VenaSeal® procedures can be performed within 90 minutes • Minimal bruising Contact Rosen Vein Care Today If you would like to learn more about VenaSeal®, or you believe you may be a candidate for this cutting-edge treatment for varicose veins, contact Rosen Vein Care today. Dr. David Rosen, MD  has treated many patients dealing […]