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Rosen Vein Care Lectures: Varicose Vein Treatments Part 3: Clarivein®

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Wow… a three-parter. Makes me think of “3-Peat”, which makes me think of the glory days of Da Bulls. I’d like to think of myself as the Michael Jordan of vein docs here in my arena at Rosen Vein Care, conveniently located in Northbrook. About the closest I’ll ever come to making a slam-dunk is a metaphorical one relating to endovenous ablation of varicose veins…and I think I can be satisfied with that. True, I might not have a pair of Nike shoes designed especially for me (though the “swoosh” kinda looks like a tortuous vein). True, I may not have a cologne bearing my name on the counter at Macy’s […what on earth would it smell like? Ablated vein? Ew.] But…here in my office at Rosen Vein Care…I feel like a man in the prime of his career…standing at my equivalent of the 3 point line (next to the comfy table in my procedure room)…firing off one at the buzzer to score a victory against my arch nemesis: superficial venous insufficiency. Though you can’t see it under my surgical mask, my tongue is sticking out in true Jordan fashion. Maybe I should embroider a #23 on my scrub shirt?…. Ahem…let’s get back to our lecture, shall we? We left off with definitive treatment options for superficial venous insufficiency that were non-surgical, minimally-invasive and well-tolerated. Namely, we talked about endovenous laser ablation (EVLA) In comparison to surgical options of yesteryear, EVLA rocks and it rocks hard. Ironically the discomfort associated with the procedure relates to the use of local anesthetic; once the anesthetic is placed, patients feel no discomfort…only boredom. However, in the spirit of wanting to make the patient experience better and more comfortable, newer state-of-the-art procedures have arrived to deal with incompetent saphenous veins that DO NOT REQUIRE TUMESCENT LOCAL ANESTHESIA. Today’s veinblog post will introduce you to Mechanical Occlusion with Chemical Assist (MOCA…or, as it is known by its trade name, Clarivein®). This procedure has been around for about 5 years now and data is amassing about its efficacy. Similar to EVLA, Clarivein® is a minimally-invasive means […]

Rosen Vein Lectures Diagnosis, Part 3: Classification

  • Notice the relatively darker, thinner areas on both lower legs.

Pop Quiz: What do Chicago (and the Northern Suburbs) have in common with Antarctica? If you can’t answer the question then you are likely reading this on the veranda of your winter refuge someplace far away and warm. Yes, I still have sympathy for you and your vein issues…but perhaps just a bit less than those who are slugging it out here with me in that frozen wasteland we call Chicagoland.