Dr. David Ian Rosen, MD

Dr. David Ian Rosen, MD

Dr. David Ian Rosen, MD

Born and raised in Chicago, Dr. David Ian Rosen, MD is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Phlebology: the field devoted exclusively to diagnosing and treating chronic vein disease. All the care you receive at Rosen Vein Care is provided by Dr Rosen himself. Read more about the Rosen Vein Care Difference.

Dr. Rosen truly embodies the belief that being a dedicated physician requires a life-long pursuit of knowledge. Having completed a residency in Internal Medicine at Rush Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center in Chicago, Dr. Rosen was selected to serve as Chief Resident of Internal Medicine at Rush North Shore Medical Center. Given his passion for Emergency Medicine, Dr. Rosen subsequently undertook a second residency at the world-renowned program at Cook County Hospital.

After practicing for years as an attending physician in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights, Dr. David Ian Rosen, MD took an interest in Phlebology (the study of medicine devoted to vein disease), recognized as a new medical specialty by the American Medical Association in 2005. In keeping with his dedication to best serve the patients entrusting him with his care, Dr Rosen did a year-long preceptorship in Phlebology, with emphasis on minimally-invasive, maximally comfortable techniques.

Doctor Rosen says:

“To me, the practice of medicine has always been an endeavor to make lasting improvements in the lives of my patients. In Internal Medicine, I looked toward the long-term: decreasing the ravages of chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. In Emergency Medicine, the focus was on the immediate: instantly fixing a dislocated shoulder or resuscitating a patient who may have otherwise perished. What I love about Phlebology is the ability to make significant improvements that are both immediate and long-lasting. Seven years of training beyond medical school and years spent treating thousands of patients has afforded me with knowledge of sufficient depth and breadth to ensure that patients who choose Rosen Vein Care will be treated in a safe, caring and respectful manner.”

Since opening his vein clinic in Northbrook, Dr. David Ian Rosen, MD has used his knowledge and skills to offer new hope to those suffering from painful, embarrassing veins; to alleviate their fears that traditional vein surgery of yesteryear is their only option. Using state-of-the-art technology and treatments, Rosen Vein Care provides the quality and safety of a hospital with the convenience and efficiency of an office setting. Discomfort is minimal and patients can resume their usual routine immediately after treatments.

Dr. Rosen’s patients from Rosen Vein Care, and previously from the Emergency Room, recognize him not only for his attention to detail but also his ability to keep them at ease during their visit.

Of his many pursuits outside of the clinic, Dr. Rosen most enjoys spending time with his wife, Marianne, and his children Jacob, Sarah and baby Mia. He also enjoys travel, composing and playing music and is a voracious reader.

Everyone at Rosen Vein Care looks forward to seeing you and not only meeting but exceeding your expectations. Feel free to call us with any questions you may have. Schedule a consultation with Dr. David Rosen.

See you soon!