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How Does a Compression Stocking Help to Promote Blood Flow?

Compression stockings are used to treat a range of ailments. This includes swelling of the legs or blood accumulation in the legs when a person is standing still or sitting for an extended period of time. It is not uncommon for providers to recommend their use after a procedure to encourage blood flow. The last thing that a caring doctor wants is for anything to interfere with a patient’s recovery. Individuals who have circulation issues, who have developed varicose veins, or who have other health issues may not be able to effectively move the blood out of their legs and return it toward the heart for proper circulation. This can leave them with discomfort and swelling. Compression socks work because they produce a graduated compression. This means that compression socks are tighter around your ankles and your calves than they are around your thighs. Compression stockings are prescribed by a medical professional. So before you use them, your medical professional will identify the issue that you are having with the blood flow in your legs and help you to determine which compression stocking is right for you. Compression stockings do not come in a one-size-fits-all form. Different stockings are designed to squeeze at different strengths. Some are only designed to come up to your knees. Using one that is too tight could have a negative consequence. Or wearing compression stockings that do not have enough compression can render them less effective. So whether they are being worn to improve blood flow as a result of a minimally-invasive procedure or a problem with your veins, compression stockings are a valuable tool that can help improve your quality of life. While compression stockings help to improve symptoms and improve blood flow out of the legs, state-of-the-art vein care offers new options that may improve flow. Ultimately, many patients have been able to reduce symptoms and improve the look of their legs with such procedures. Once the treatment plan has been completed, many patients no longer need to wear stockings on a regular basis. At Rosen Vein Care, in Chicago, Dr. Rosen will […]

What is Restless Leg Syndrome and How Does It Affect My Veins?

Restless leg syndrome is a condition that causes an urge to move the legs around to feel comfortable. These symptoms often occur at night when patients are at rest. If you’re tired of this problem interfering with a good night’s sleep, read on to learn more about  how this condition may be managed. At Rosen Vein Care, a vein clinic in the North Shore area of Chicago, we want to make sure all patients understand conditions that are affecting their veins. With venous insufficiency, blood pools in the legs, often causing symptoms like pain, fatigue, itching, burning, cramping, restlessness and throbbing that are similar to those experienced by people with restless leg syndrome. Managing the symptoms of this condition and the underlying medical issues that are causing restless leg can help improve your quality of life. During the consultation, Dr. Rosen reviews your medical history in a thorough way. For many patients, especially those who are symptomatic, the initial office consultation may include the need to do an ultrasound examination. In many cases, the varicose and spider veins at the surface, along with symptoms, may have a source that can’t be seen by the naked eye. An ultrasound exam offers a painless but very informative way to see beneath the surface and identify vein problems that ultimately may be treatable and curable. Vein Treatment for Restless Leg If underlying issues are identified by ultrasound exam within veins in the superficial venous system, such issues may be treatable NON-SURGICALLY: state-of-the-art, minimally-invasive procedures such as Endovenous Laser Ablation, Clarivein®, VenaSeal® and Sclerotherapy have been shown to be safe, effective and comfortable. Many procedures may be covered by insurance & Medicare. Rosen Vein Care is Here for You What makes Rosen Vein Care stand out from other Chicago vein clinics is the caring, personal approach that Dr. Rosen takes with each patient. Understanding that every patient is different, Dr. Rosen spends an hour with every new patient. In this time, patients will learn about the condition they may be dealing with and received tailored treatment options such as spider vein treatment and varicose […]

What is a Compression Stocking?

A compression stocking is a medical device that is designed to improve the blood flow in your legs. As the name suggests, a compression stocking improves blood flow by adding extremal pressure on your legs, typically stronger by the feet and ankles and less as it goes up the leg/thigh. This “gradient compression” encourages the blood to move up your legs and makes it harder for blood to pool in the lower legs due to the constant pull of gravity. Compression stockings help reduce swelling and in some cases can minimize the risk of developing blood clots. How a Compression Stocking Affects Your Health Since the compression stockings act effectively as “anti-gravity-socks”, many patients notice that while using them; their legs do not feel as achy or heavy. They also often notice a decrease in leg swelling. Compression stockings vary in the amount of pressure they deliver; some only apply a light pressure…those are typically the over-the-counter variety. Prescription-grade compression stockings typically start with a pressure of 20-30 mmHg. Stockings vary in length, with some only coming up to the knee, and others going all the way up to your hip. They also vary in colors, allowing you to select a color that works the best with your skin tone and your wardrobe. During a patient’s consultation visit at Rosen Vein Care, Dr. Rosen will determine whether compression stockings will be required to address a particular patient’s needs. How Should You Wear a Compression Stocking?  Putting compression stockings on can be tricky, but we have found some handy tips and tricks to make it simple, easier and require less effort.  Dr. Rosen’s assistant, Maria, spends time patiently explaining all of these tips to each patient. Given the fact that gravity is the enemy, compression stockings should ideally be worn for the entire day while a patient is up and active. At times, stockings may be required to be worn overnight. Once you get the stockings in place, smooth out any wrinkles. It is important that you do not allow the stocking to wrinkle or to bunch up, as this could […]

5 Things to Ask Your Vein Doctor

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