ClariVein® Venous Insufficiency


ClariVein® Chicago - Venous Insufficiency

FDA-approved, safe and with similar effectiveness as Endovenous Laser Ablation. ClariVein® is virtually pain-free as it requires only minimal local anesthetic to perform. Dr. Rosen was one of the first in the area to perform this exciting new procedure! Learn about other vein treatments in Chicago.

Doctors tend to be relentlessly self-improving folks, which is why we subject ourselves to anywhere from 7-10 or more years of schooling beyond college and then lifelong commitment to updating our knowledge. So it shouldn’t be too surprising to learn that some clever docs came up with a technique to seal incompetent superficial veins without having to use local anesthetic to protect surrounding structures from heat. This essentially eliminates those aspects that cause most of the discomfort experienced during the previously described endovenous laser treatment.

MOCA, technique-wise, greatly resembles endovenous laser ablation. Under ultrasound guidance, an IV catheter is placed. In this case, instead of using a laser fiber, a highly specialized device is placed that gently rotates at high speed and helps to deliver a chemical commonly used to treat varicose and spider veins. While the device is slowly backed out of the vein, a small amount of chemical is slowly injected. From the patient’s perspective, this is even more boring than endovenous laser ablation! Once the device is removed, it pretty much follows in the way described above: the tiny wound is dressed, bandages and stockings are placed and after some minutes you can be on your way. There is still no downtime and few restrictions on activities exist. As is always the case where insurance companies are concerned, coverage (or lack thereof) may vary. If no coverage for ClariVein® is available, payment plans (as always) can be arranged.

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