What’s In A Name for a Chicago Area Vein Doctor’s Practice?

What’s In A Name for a Chicago Area Vein Doctor’s Practice?

For me, being a doctor is really a privilege. I go to work each day in my Chicago area clinic devoted to treating varicose and spider veins on the legs, looking forward to seeing patients and helping them have legs that feel and look better.  I have to admit it, but I actually have fun doing what I do! Sclerotherapy, Endovenous Laser Ablations, Clarivein® and more…all of it safe and effective and…yes…fun. I’ve been a physician for a while now and went through quite a bit of training to get here…a bit more than most docs out there, in fact. I completed two separate residencies…Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine…and then did even more training in Phlebology, the field devoted to venous and lymphatic disease. Along the way, I picked up board certification in all 3 fields. I also have to admit that passing those boards wasn’t all that fun, but I feel it was a necessary step to demonstrate my commitment to maintaining a higher standard of care. But…all of those years of schooling…all of those tests are only a part of what I think it takes to be an effective physician. A great doctor strives to understand patients and help them to make the best decisions regarding their care. It means providing enough time for each patient experience to be able to LISTEN to patients…to learn about their goals…their concerns…their fears…and to be able to help them work through solutions that are a perfect fit. It’s about caring for people, not just treating people. That is the guiding mission at Rosen Vein Care. One of my friends is pretty savvy about all things marketing. His advice to me was: “Dave…you’ve GOT to change your business name! It needs to be something like ‘Vein Institute’ or ‘Vein Clinic’ or ‘Vein Specialist’…and you have to take the name Rosen off of it!” As much as I appreciate the advice, I must respectfully decline. I chose the name of my practice for very deliberate reasons: ROSEN…because that’s the only person who will provide your treatments: Me. While I’m sure that there are […]

Recognizing Early Symptoms of Venous Disease

Vein disease can be sneaky. For some patients, the concept of having issues with their leg veins is obvious….huge, bulging, painful varicose veins. For a great many others, things can be a lot more subtle. In many cases, chronic superficial vein disease may be caused by a problem known as venous insufficiency: wrong way flow of blood in leg veins due to valve malfunction. This causes a buildup of blood that pools in leg veins, causing increased pressure or venous hypertension. Many of us around my vein clinic in the Chicago area can relate to this concept by thinking of our basements and sump pumps. I grew up on the North Side (Go Cubs) and remember the nearly yearly ritual of basement flooding. This is why I have no legacy of comic books and baseball cards to give my kids. What we didn’t have, but desperately needed, was a sump pump system. A pump to force flow upwards against gravity, pipes to carry the flow up and away and a one-way check valve to prevent flow from pooling straight back downward with gravity. G-d, Whom has not seen fit to bestow a world series victory on said Cubs for 108 years…has otherwise in His mercy bestowed on us a physiologic sump pump of sorts. Our calf muscles, as they contract and relax as we walk, serve as a peripheral heart pump. As the muscles contract, a force is generated that propels flow upward against gravity. Flow goes through “pipes”…superficial and deep veins. Such veins have a number of one-way check valves to prevent blood flow from pooling back in the “basement” of our legs. If the valves fail and allow downward flow…aka venous insufficiency…venous hypertension occurs. Unlike the obvious horror of a basement full of water, chronic superficial venous insufficiency is slowly progressive and insidious. So much so, that after many years patients often forget what their legs are SUPPOSED to feel like and instead get accustomed to a “new normal”: Pain in the legs that gets worse while standing and better when the feet are raised Leg cramps Throbbing […]

Advantages of ClariVein® for Vein Treatment

I strive for excellence; to improve upon the care I offer my patients each day. To search out new treatments and techniques that may offer great results with less discomfort. Clarivein® seems to do just that. ClariVein® is a minimally-invasive treatment for venous insufficiency: the underlying issue that leads, in many cases, to chronic leg discomfort and varicose veins. With the assistance of ultrasound guidance, a special rotating device is used to inject a chemical solution that leads to closure of malfunctioning superficial veins. This is truly state-of-the-art vein care. Unlike endovenous laser ablation (EVLA, EVLT®) or radiofrequency ablation, no heat is required for vein closure. No heat means that virtually no anesthesia is required and the procedure remains essentially pain-free! The results are pretty comparable to the other, older procedures without the discomfort associated with the placement of tumescent local anesthesia. Patients on whom I’ve performed the procedure all say the same thing: you feel that something is happening, but it’s not painful. Though I reserve 90 minutes for each procedure, the actual closure time is only a few minutes. So…why all that extra time? Welcome to Rosen Vein Care: I care about every patient’s experience. There is no rushing through things. I care deeply about making sure that I have explained things to my patients and answered every question before doing any procedure. This isn’t “assembly line medicine”. This is what patient care is supposed to be for all of us…and THAT is my guiding principle….my medical “golden rule”, if you will: Treat unto others as I would want to be treated. I do everything I can to make Rosen Vein Care the best place for varicose vein treatments and spider vein treatments in Chicago and its suburbs! Once the Clarivein® procedure is over, some gauze and tape are placed on the leg. Compression stockings are also placed and are worn daily for a few weeks. There are few activity restrictions. In fact, I encourage patients to be more active…to walk…get out there and enjoy all of the beautiful things to see around Chicago and the suburbs! The […]

Common Causes of Spider Veins

Have you recently noticed a web of dilated blue or red veins in your legs? Those are likely spider veins, which are caused by an increased pressure inside the blood vessels. They are comparable to varicose veins, but are smaller in size. Although they can appear anywhere on the body, spider veins are most commonly found on the legs and thighs. Along with spider veins being more prevalent with age, heredity is also considered a risk factor. Individuals who stand for long periods, such as teachers, nurses and factory workers, also seem to have a higher incidence of varicose and spider veins. Other risk factors include hormonal influences and multiple pregnancies. You can lower the risk of developing spider veins by reducing the pressure on your legs. So avoid long periods of sitting by taking a walk. If you sit all day at your job, find an opportunity during your break to stretch your legs. The goal is to promote better circulation. Elevate your feet when seated. Compression stockings can also provide support. If the appearance of spider veins keeps you from doing things you love to do, wearing the clothes you want to wear or if they are causing pain, there are affordable, safe, effective and comfortable treatment options available at Rosen Vein Care: serving Chicago and surrounding suburbs. Dr. Rosen strives to deliver the ideal patient experience. Each new patient consultation with Dr. Rosen is scheduled for an hour to ensure that your issues are addressed thoroughly and patiently. In addition, Dr. Rosen spends a great deal of time teaching patients about their vein disease. At the end of the day, since you will be the one to make the decision on whether or not you should have treatment, we want to empower you with knowledge regarding your body so you can make the most educated and informed decisions. If you are looking for a vein clinic in the Chicago area that doesn’t rush you out of the door or pressure you into making decisions, contact Rosen Vein Care today to schedule a consultation. We will happily answer […]