What is a Compression Stocking?

What is a Compression Stocking?

A compression stocking is a medical device that is designed to improve the blood flow in your legs. As the name suggests, a compression stocking improves blood flow by adding extremal pressure on your legs, typically stronger by the feet and ankles and less as it goes up the leg/thigh. This “gradient compression” encourages the blood to move up your legs and makes it harder for blood to pool in the lower legs due to the constant pull of gravity. Compression stockings help reduce swelling and in some cases can minimize the risk of developing blood clots. How a Compression Stocking Affects Your Health Since the compression stockings act effectively as “anti-gravity-socks”, many patients notice that while using them; their legs do not feel as achy or heavy. They also often notice a decrease in leg swelling. Compression stockings vary in the amount of pressure they deliver; some only apply a light pressure…those are typically the over-the-counter variety. Prescription-grade compression stockings typically start with a pressure of 20-30 mmHg. Stockings vary in length, with some only coming up to the knee, and others going all the way up to your hip. They also vary in colors, allowing you to select a color that works the best with your skin tone and your wardrobe. During a patient’s consultation visit at Rosen Vein Care, Dr. Rosen will determine whether compression stockings will be required to address a particular patient’s needs. How Should You Wear a Compression Stocking?  Putting compression stockings on can be tricky, but we have found some handy tips and tricks to make it simple, easier and require less effort.  Dr. Rosen’s assistant, Maria, spends time patiently explaining all of these tips to each patient. Given the fact that gravity is the enemy, compression stockings should ideally be worn for the entire day while a patient is up and active. At times, stockings may be required to be worn overnight. Once you get the stockings in place, smooth out any wrinkles. It is important that you do not allow the stocking to wrinkle or to bunch up, as this could […]

How is Ultrasound Used in a Vein Exam?

Ultrasound is a noninvasive treatment used to evaluate varicose veins and symptoms of venous insufficiency. Many patients complain of legs that feel heavy & tired, often with intermittent swelling, chronic leg cramps and “restless legs”, especially at night. During the consultation visit, Dr. Rosen determines if an ultrasound is an appropriate test to do to evaluate the extent of a patient’s vein disease. The ultrasound is a safe, non-invasive, completely comfortable way for Dr. Rosen to “see inside the body” by using sound waves to produce images of the veins. The Doppler function on the ultrasound exam is used to see if flow is moving properly through the veins. Normal leg veins channel flow in a one-way, upward direction back to the heart. Many spider veins, varicose veins and symptoms result from improperly functioning vein valves that allow wrong-way flow to occur. This improper flow is called “reflux”. Knowing the location of improperly functioning vein valves helps to design a patient-specific, tailored treatment plan. While surgery used to be the only option for treating underlying vein disease, Dr. Rosen offers the latest, state-of-the-art, non-surgical minimally-invasive and maximally comfortable, safe and effective vein procedures including: Endovenous Laser Ablation Clarivein® VenaSeal® In addition to having time to perform an ultrasound exam, Dr. Rosen leaves ample time during the consultation visit to discuss patients’ questions, including those regarding treatments for spider veins, treatments for varicose veins and the cost of vein treatments. Many patients are thrilled to learn that many treatments may be covered by commercial insurance & Medicare! Coverage depends on the extent of a patient’s disease and the particular details of their policy. The staff at Rosen Vein Care will help do all the “leg work” to assist patients in getting the coverage they deserve. Rosen Vein Care is a vein clinic that proudly serves Chicago and Chicago suburbs.  Contact Rosen Vein Care now to schedule your consultation appointment by calling 847-272-8346. Dr. Rosen & staff look forward to meeting you and helping your legs to feel and look better than they have in years!

The Modern Approach To Vein Disease

Venous disease is one of the most common and bothersome conditions. It affects millions of Americans and can have a negative impact on the way legs feel and look. Effectively addressing vein disease requires assessing for and treating any lingering underlying causes as well as changes that occurred at the skin surface. Once any underlying issues are addressed, varicose veins and spider veins can be safely “cleaned up” by a process known as sclerotherapy. What is Sclerotherapy? Sclerotherapy is a technique that involves gently and carefully injecting a safe, effective chemical into the troublesome veins and “convincing” the body to close them off and make them fade away over time. How Does Sclerotherapy Work? The chemicals used commonly across the world to treat varicose and spider veins cause a mild irritation within the vein which tells the body to close off the vein, scar it down and make it shrivel away slowly over the course of weeks to months. In expert hands such as Dr. Rosen, this procedure carries very low risk and is very well tolerated. Dr. Rosen’s technique is so gentle that patients NEVER require any local anesthetic to treat superficial spider and varicose veins! Don’t Let Vein Disease Progress The one thing that is for certain about vein disease is that it is in your best interest to treat it sooner rather than later. This is why you should always seek immediate treatment from a vein clinic, as a vein specialist will know how to properly handle each individual case. Contact Rosen Vein Care today to seek treatment for your venous problems. Dr Rosen will evaluate your unique needs, which in turn will allow us to use his expertise to form a safe and ideal treatment plan designed to solve your vein issues efficiently, safely, comfortably, effectively and affordably!  

What Can Happen if Venous Issues Go Untreated?

Chronic vein disease including spider veins and varicose veins affects millions of Americans. Though often, mistakenly considered as merely a “cosmetic” venous issue, the reality is that many patients with chronic vein disease may be ignoring underlying problems that may lead to serious consequences if left untreated over time. It’s in your best interest to find a vein clinic that not addresses the medical as well as aesthetic nature of vein disease. Rosen Vein Care serves the Chicago area and suburbs, providing expert, “concierge” care without premium pricing. Understanding Venous Disease Abnormal-appearing veins at the surface may actually be caused by problems with underlying malfunctioning veins. Such abnormalities may not only lead to varicose and spider veins, but commonly cause symptoms including legs that feel heavy and tired, leg swelling, cramps and “restless legs”. Given the nature of these underlying conditions, they will typically tend to advance as time progresses. The good news is that state-of-the-art techniques provided by Dr. Rosen may be able to stop the problems before they progress any further…AND…these techniques do not require surgery! Be Proactive The best way to prevent vein disease progression is to seek assessment and safe & effective treatment as soon as possible. The process begins with a consultation visit. During this visit, Dr. Rosen performs a thorough medical history and an exam focused on finding the source of your issues. In many cases, an ultrasound exam is done to evaluate for underlying issues that may be unnoticeable at the surface. Such evaluations are typically covered by most insurance carriers as well as Medicare. Many treatments may be covered by insurance & Medicare. To find a solution for your venous issues, contact Rosen Vein Care today. We will schedule a consultation appointment designed to assess your current needs, and to develop a tailored, individualized treatment plan. We look forward to meeting you and helping your legs to feel & look better than they have in years!