Brief candles, enduring lessons.

Brief candles, enduring lessons.

I know, it’s been a while since my last post. Mostly for good reasons…things, thank G-d, have been busy at Rosen Vein Care. Sometimes it’s tough to put words to page due to lack of time and opportunity. Other times, like now, it’s tough because the words don’t come easily.

Ask Northbrook Vein Specialist Dr. Rosen: Endovenous Laser Treatment

As a board-certified vein specialist, I am part of a group of vein experts that is asked to field questions from the general public in an online forum. Recently a patient asked the following fantastic question:  “How do I know it’s the right time to have vein ablation treatment?” The patient visited a different vein specialist, received an ultrasound and was told that she had problems with the flow in one of her saphenous veins. Her doctor recommended solving this problem by permanently sealing the malfunctioning vein shut with a laser; this would allow flow to reroute instantly to other, properly functioning, veins in the area.  To understand more about superficial venous disease, click HERE To learn more about Endovenous Laser Ablation click HERE The answer to her question brings up some really fundamentally important points that I think can apply to any decision-making you have to do about ANY medical care you will ever need. Important Point #1: You are the President of your body. In my practice, I tell all of my patients that they are the “President” of their bodies. I’m here…all doctors are here…first and foremost…to be the best advisors we can be to help patients make the best decisions they can make for themselves. To do so, patients need to understand the benefits and certainly the potential risks involved with any medical treatment because (here comes important point #2: Important Point #2: Every medical procedure involves a Risk/Benefit Ratio. When I say “every” procedure, I mean it. When you take an aspirin for that headache, you have to weigh the benefit of pain relief with the increased risk (for 5 days!) of bleeding from taking that 1 pill. In general, we all try to make decisions where the potential benefits outweigh the risks as much as possible, right?! That is certainly true when it comes to vein treatments. In my practice, I take my role of Advisor to the President very seriously. I spend a LOT of time teaching patients about their disease (which is a big part of why I spend a full hour with each new patient). Once I’ve diagnosed the […]

To Treat or Not To Treat…That is the (vein treatment) question.

I spent a long time getting my medical training. Since my background is pretty broad…back-to-back residencies in Internal Medicine & Emergency Medicine…and then doing MORE training in the specialty devoted to treating vein disease called Phlebology…I learned a whole lot about a whole lot of things. Some of the most important things relate to being clear about the risks of vein treatments.

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